• Services


    I will spend time with you and your child to get to know he or she and their unique set of strengths and challenges.  We will work together to develop a plan tailored to addressing areas that are impeding their ability to be most successful in their life.

    I teach social, communication, and self-management skills to individuals with unique learning styles and help parents understand how to support their children in these areas.  A consistent approach always maximizes positive outcomes!  I use the principles of applied behavior analysis in my work which includes behavioral consultation, parent training, social coaching, and social groups.

    • Behavior consultation services include assessment, program development, feedback and data collection, and regular review.
    • Parent training sessions involve problem identification, goal development, and intervention plan to decrease problem behaviors and replace them with positive desirable behaviors.
    • Teaching methods are evidence-based and include direct teaching, interactive lessons, video modeling, role playing, game/activities, and may include practice in natural environments.  Designed to teach relationship and friendship skills and how to read and respond to the unwritten rules of different environments.  Social coaching and social groups include teaching parents concepts learned so they can help reinforce learning outside of the session.

    Social Skills Groups and Coaching

    I offer a variety of services to help individuals understand and appropriately respond to the social environment.  Every time we share space with someone else, we are in a social environment….. that’s most of our day!

    Some people need explicit teaching and practice in order to gain these skills. The good news is that just like any other skill it can be taught using evidenced-based teaching strategies.  I offer individual social coaching and social skill groups to support social skills development, communication skills, social problem-solving, and understanding hidden social norms.